All a food lover Should know about Moka Foods

Suppose you are also a lover of traditional food and miss badly the taste of the food that your grandma prepared for you since she added the ingredients into the recipes and the magic that she had in her hands. Are you not interested in Knowing where is that magic wand now? Well, it could be anywhere where the recipes are prepared with the same authenticity and purity with which our grandparents used to cook. So, Moka foods are one such perfect destination for you.


Passion for Food

It is an old family business built on a passion for crafting exceptional food. Since 1988, they have been creating a range of frozen foods, including the most humble celebrated potato cakes and fish portions, using only the finest Australian products and our authentic traditional family recipes. If food interests you in blood, it is in your heart; it is in your mind, and we hope; we will be well for the years to come to keep the tradition for our family and us.

Moka Foods


So, the history dates back over 30 years. The recipes have been passed down from our grandfather. This company is a proudly Australian-owned company serving for over 30 years. Our family has been in the food industry for decades because we share our passion with our customers. So ultimately, they can share it with theirs. Our customers are confident that they are buying consistent and superior Quality when they buy from here. Australia’s leading food distributors stop our range of products, and we also sell directly to thousands of smaller distributors.


Moka Foods Family

The journey started in the country of Victoria, and the Food family welcomes its members to give a chance to serve; we are passionate about the traditions around the products that we make,


Recipes include

  • Potato cakes
  • Battered flakes
  • Battered Sea Foods Sticks

For potato cakes food, we have people like the start from the one to peeling, sorting, cutting, and making sure everything is of the Highest Quality to make the range from premium, traditional and baby potatoes cake ranging from plain, salted and vinegar. The Moka foods provide the taste of tradition.


Quality of the foods

It is all about the Quality of producing the best potato cakes. We work closely with our farmers who sourced the real potatoes, and so shall we make potato cakes out of it.



Since Quality is the priority. We believe to source our raw materials directly from

  • The farms
  • The sea
  • The field


Selection of the finest potatoes

Potatoes are just the centerpiece of every meal. All The kids adore potatoes; it is about using the best potatoes and flour for the greatest ingredients. We know, and it has been proven, that if one has the best ingredients, one will end up with the greatest products.

By Leonard

Leonard is a self-proclaimed professional foodie. Everything that his tongue comes into contact with that is connected to the culinary world would be explained in great detail. His devotion in perfectly explaining the taste that he experiences is perfect for any company that seeks a brilliant palette.