Healthy food choices are happy food choices

Various researches have suggested that some of the healthy food choices such as consuming fruits and vegetables have physical as well as mental health benefits and it can be a lifetime investment for better well being. There are lots of advantages to having a healthy diet. It can help you lose body weight or maintain the weight of your body. It can low down your cholesterol levels and also prevent some health problems. A healthy diet can keep your body active every day.

According to a healthy eating plan-

  1. It emphasizes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fat-free or low-fat milk, and milk products.
  2. It includes lean meat, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts
  3. It should have low fats like saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol, salt, or any kind of added sugars.
  4. It stays under your daily calorie requirements.


You should try fruits apart from only eating bananas and apples like kiwi, mango, or pineapple.


We should ad variety to grilled or steamed vegetables by adding a herb like a rosemary.


Try not only fat-free and low-fat milk, besides these try low fat and fat-free yogurts without adding sugar to it. these come in various flavors and can be a good substitute for dessert.

Healthy food


If you are a fried fish or breaded chicken lover then try different and healthier variations of them, by either baking or grilling. You can even try dry beans in place of meats. Ask people or search on the net for some healthier recipes with fewer calories as you might get surprised by finding a favorite dish for yourself.


Eating healthy is all about balance. You can still enjoy your favorite foods which are high in calories, fat, or added sugars. The main key is to eat them once in a while by balancing them with eating healthy foods and doing regular exercises.

Some of the common tips for comfort food-

  1. Do not eat them on a regular basis, eat them less often. If you tend to eat this food daily then try to cut it down to once a week or once in fifteen days.
  2. You should try to eat smaller amounts of it.
  3. Try a low-calorie version of these foods. You can prepare the food in a different way or by using low-calorie ingredients.
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