Popular Types Of Whisky You Need To Know Of

There are so many types of whisky out there to explore. Because of this, if you are new to the category, it might be challenging to choose which bottle is the most suitable option for you. Even though blended scotch whisky is the most preferred by many, it is also best that you are familiar with the other types that you might want to try in the future.


American whiskey comes in different styles and it’s hard to keep track of just how many are there worldwide. Most of them have a sweet taste but have a spicy, rich, and strong kick to them. People who like American whiskey are usually those who are willing to try something new to their palette. Especially those who prefer a sweeter, more mellow taste, yet don’t mind heat or power.


Most Bourbons are much younger than their Scotch counterparts. That does not mean though that they are inferior. This is the drink for you if you are going for something sweet and smooth. So if you want to try whisky but aren’t quite ready for Scotch, bourbon is a great place to start for you.

blended scotch whisky


This is not that different from bourbon, but many distilleries are opening up businesses around the country and are all trying to find their own place in the market. This drink is for those who are confident of what they want with whisky but are always looking for something new.


The ranges and flavors of Irish whiskey have expanded. It’s all about whiskey with a distinct flavor and character. Irish whiskey manufacturers give their whiskey a personality and make it feel like a drink that anyone can enjoy with friends or even by themselves. Smooth, calm, well-rounded, and sweet. These are the common ways to describe the taste of Irish whiskey.


The Islay whiskies are known for their strength and full, fruity flavor. Manufacturers believe that more people need to try and appreciate Islay whisky. The reputation associated with it deters many people. However, once you try it, then you will know why it’s one of the most recommended.

Blended Scotch

Blended scotch makes up the majority of all whisky products around the world. They have become a huge part of the industry and the economy in general. Without the blended scotch, the single-malt whisky will not be discovered.

These are just some of the many types of whiskies that you can try. In addition, there are Japanese, Indian, Lowlands, Speyside, and so much more. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try whisky for the first time, or you simply find a source that can provide you with the best out there.

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