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An introduction to the French food culture

In France, food is considered sacred. While preparing a French dish, the best quality of food is selected. The dining table is laid with the utmost care, before anyone takes a bite, even if it is a normal lunch. During having lunch, people put away their cell phones and no one looks at the clock.

For major areas, there is no typical French meal. Although people use the term French cuisine in order to describe the French food. Mostly the dishes in France are region-based and can vary depending upon the location. The main expectations are from breakfast.

French people often eat tartine for breakfast which is a slice of bread, commonly a baguette which is smothered with a fruity jam. Sometimes it is accompanied by yogurt and also a croissant and mostly accompanied by a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or a glass of orange juice. On weekends, people pick up freshly prepared viennoiserie from the bakery.

French food culture

Lunchtime meals can vary according to different locations. At present days, French lunches are shorter in time but can still last for about an hour. For a major part of French people, lunch is a valued moment to take a short break from work and to socialize with your colleagues and friends.

As like lunch, dinner as well varies according to the locations. At this time, a four-course meal is served which is- entrée which is an appetizer, a plat which is the main course, fromage that is cheese, and a dessert. Some of the times salad course is also there that would follow the main course. In case, both the fish and a meat course are served then the fish would be served before the meat. Aperitifs and digest ifs are basically book ended French dinners. The aperitif takes place at the beginning of the meal. Various kinds of alcoholic as well as nonalcoholic drinks are served with small appetizers like nuts or olives in order to stimulate your appetite. On the other hand, the digest if occurs at the end of the meal. Guests are usually presented with various kinds of drinks with a high percentage of alcohol like whiskey, bourbon, or liqueur that aids digestion. In France, eating is a kind of celebration of the food kept before you and your friends. Mostly, the French enthusiast not only cherish the taste of the food but also the culture that embodies it.