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An introduction of Italian cuisine

Italian food is one of the oldest cuisines in Europe and is based on the heritage of ancient cultures. This cuisine was influenced by the civilizations that invaded Italy. One of the complicated things about eating in Italy is that you cannot try everything. Each and every day, you can have a number of dishes but only a finite quantity of space in your stomach.

Some famous Italian dishes are-

  1. PIZZA– it is a slab of flatbread served with vegetables, cheese, oil, spices, etc on top of it. it is a common snack or meal. At present day, there are two types of pizzas which are Neopolitan- style pizza or roman-style pizza.

Neopolitan style of pizza has a fluffy and thick crust. It is usually smaller in size as the dough has not been rolled out as far. Roman-style pizza consists of a paper-thin crust. It is bigger in size and very light to eat.

Italian cuisine

  1. BOTTARGA– it is a cured fish roe which is made from either grey mullet or tuna. It is basically popular in pasta dishes. The roe is washed with ice water then patted dry and then cured in sea salt for some of the weeks before it is being washed again, pressed, and then it is hung for many months until it is dry. The final result will be a solid block of cured roe with a fish flavor.
  2. LASAGNA– It is a wide and flat pasta noodle that is usually baked in layers in the oven. It is basically rectangular or ribbon-shaped, and also thicker as compared to tagliatelle which is made from a dough of flour and eggs.
  3. FIORENTINA STEAK– this dish is made up of stale bread along with a mixture of vegetables. It is very delicious as well as nourishing soup. By reheating it, this dish even gets better so make sure to make it plenty in order to enjoy the next day.
  4. POLENTA– this is basically cooked cornmeal and is one of the popular dishes in Italy. It is very nutritious as well as a healthy dish. This dish is dairy-free, egg-free, vegetarian, gluten-free as well as gluten-free.
  5. CARBONARA– this is an Italian pasta dish which is made with eggs, hard cheese, cured pork, and black pepper. This is one of the delicious dishes of Italy.