The growing need of a wine fridge Singapore houses have experienced

A wine fridge, as the name defines is an electrical storage unit for wine, that allows it’s user and owner to modify temperature to various settings, so as to chill the wine to the desired /perfect serving temperature. A wine fridge is relatively cheaper than an entire wine cellar and often considered to be a more practical and affordable choice for people who have a taste for this fine delicacy, yet do not possess a large quantity of bottles. All around the Asian continent, there are available, a plethora of wine fridge Singapore, China, Japan.

Best Wine Fridges Singapore

  1. TR Wine Chiller-

This 4,000 dollar wine cooler is considered one of the best in the game. Complete with a full rimless glass door and over 4 temperature settings controlled by an invertor compressor  and a left and right integrated handle, this is considered to be one of the best masterpieces in the industry and totally worth the price tag.

  1. Medley Wine Chiller-

This iconic piece features a black stainless steel handle with a seemless finish and a triple layer anti UV door.

  1. Wine Chiller-

With 6 sliding wooden shleves and a stainless steel trim. This 1800 dollar wine chiller is one that offers incomparable features at an unbeatable price. It also consists of an auto defrost function and a built in fan, that can be operated at various temperature settings.

4.EuropAce’s wine cooler-

Not a single product, but rather a brand. EuropAce is a company who’s wine coolers or entire wine cabinets, redefine luxury. These are available in India as well and range between INR 1,00,000/- to 7,00,000/-

5.The Vintec Classic Series-

This refers to the classic series of the brand Vintec. These series have been defined as the best and the topmost series, launched by the company. These series are considered to be an essential and a relatively affordable option, every wine lover must be aware of.

6.Brandt’s wine cooler –

With a 400 litre net capacity, this cooler is one of the most spacious one in a similar price range. This is the only storage that provides, storage like condition close to natural wine storage.

All the above mentioned wine coolers range in between 600-2500 dollars as per the American cost. As mentioned above, although wine chillers or wine coolers tend to be relatively cheapee than entire wine cellars, they’re still a pretty expensive addition to any wine lover’s home.

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