Wholesale buyers are changing

B2B customers are asking to be able to buy products online , as they also do so to buy personal products. Of these people it can be said that:

  • They are used to buying on Amazon
  • They search for new ideas and products on Google
  • They pay with credit cards and digital wallets
  • They browse social media from their phone

Additionally, these shoppers rely heavily on online shopping experiences. Before even contacting a seller, they do extensive research on brands and their products wholesale food suppliers.

For example, the B2B shopper today averages around 12 searches online before completing a purchase from a specific brand. Additionally, 74% of B2B buyers said they search online for at least half of their business purchases.

To be successful in wholesaling ecommerce, meeting the needs of B2B buyers is essential. To do this, you need a flexible e-commerce platform, capable of creating consumer-like shopping experiences and that integrates with existing systems to simplify order management.

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How to prepare to create an e-commerce store for wholesale

Before you create an e-commerce site for wholesaling, there are several things you need to prepare. Below are some of the steps you need to take to prepare your business to move online.

Understand the needs of the project

Before creating an ecommerce storefront for wholesaling, it’s important to clearly distinguish what you want from what you need.

Study the competition

If you search for your products on Google or Amazon, who are your competitors? The search results will show you who your rivals are. What differentiates your offer from that of competitors?

Determine which products to sell

What are the products you can start selling on your site? How will you expand this product line? Start with articles that have a high margin.

Determine the types of payments accepted

What will your payment management system be? Which credit cards will it be possible to use on your site? Will credit conditions be available for customers? Answering these questions will now make it easier for you to create a wholesaling e-commerce site that supports your payment methods.

Obtain data and insights

With a website, you can more easily access granular customer data and insights, such as:

  • The most viewed papers and commodities every day or week or month.
  • The digit of guests who clicked on a particular voucher.
  • The average time expended on a web page.
  • The percentage of users who have made a hit and run on the site, compared to those who have continued to browse.

The insights gained from this data can help shape marketing campaigns, product mixes, pricing, discounts, and more. Combined with feedback from sellers and customer service, you can gain a better understanding of customer needs.

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